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About me

I am Carmen and I declare myself in love with ART AND BEAUTY. 


I am Cordoba from head to toe! ,as we saying in Cordoba,  Although few years ago I decided to change my life and pursue my dream, I wanted more time for my family and dedicate myself to what I really like THE WORLD OF ARTISTIC MAKEUP.

Because life sometimes gives us that push we need to get us out of our comfort zone, my boy, my newborn baby and I came to live at Playa del Palmar. A paradise on the coast of Cádiz that has something special !! 

What I like most about living here is taking long walks along the immense beach stepping on the fine white sand that surrounds my feet while I look for seashells, then sit on the sand, and from there watch the sunset with that mixture of bright colors that are created between the sky and the ocean that inspire me so much every day.  



From a young age, I started my training in one of the best makeup schools in Andalusia, Menchu ​​Benitez

With 18 years and no a clear future project, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my mother (a great businesswoman in the world of fashion in Cordoba).

 I have worked with many people in the fashion sector, designers, suppliers

 representatives, store colleagues, … and from each one I have learned something, I am a curious girl who likes to observe and listen to everyone, because for the good you always learn something, don’t you?  

This great stage of my life is what has made the woman I am now Thanks to my parents for all they have given me and taught me. 

 But the change came and I decided to do something that I was even more passionate about, and here began my new project CARMEN CARMONA MAKEUP 

Since then I have not stopped training with different professionals in the makeup sector. 

I have worked both in theater and cinema, catwalk and photography.  Over time I have been creating my own style, specializing in makeup for brides, and also in a fun service highly demanded by my clients, “The Beauty Corner”, consists of a space where I characterize the guests according to the theme of the event, creating a fantasy world. An original service in which I have specialized for more than three years in Marbella, one of the most genuine places on the Malaga coast.  

The satisfaction of my clients represents my priority, putting the maximum attention and affection.

This is me, passionate about life and my work.